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In the past a graphic designer was someone who created or "designed" images or "graphics" for use by businesses or organizations to advertise to or communicate with, large groups of people. Now, in the 21st century, graphic designers find themselves doing much more than that. They still design graphics, don't get us wrong, but they also create animations, edit video and film, establish corporate identities, build websites, as well as fill many other creative niches. In today's world, being diversified is just as important as being specialized.

That's why we choose to call ourselves aesthetic consultants- because we, as an arts collaborative, have multiple individuals on hand with a variety of experiences (50 years combined experience, in fact). In effect- lots of specializations within a diverse group. We're not willing to limit ourselves to graphic design in our work and don't feel the term describes us accurately. No disrespect to graphic designers- it's just that we offer more than. To be blunt- our only limits are the ones you set.

So, ask yourself, what is it you'd like to create? If you have an idea, give us a call, because we'd like to help you foster that idea from conception to delivery.

Ünlimited Possibilities

Ümlaut Press is about more than page layouts and websites. Ümlaut Press offers solutions for every eventuality...

  • Print Design
  • Multimedia Design
  • Custom Photo
  • Product Design
  • Video Production
  • Audio Production
  • Design Consulting
  • Corporate Identity

Run the Press

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